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impeller filing impeller filing

Impeller Filing

We've perfected the impeller cutting and grinding techniques to provide a uniform shape with a gradual transition and establishing dimensional uniformity at the exit vane's tips.

We perform both back filing and front filing. Back filing is a process of material removal on the non-pressure side of the vane. Our 35-year practice has given us cutting and grinding expertise to provide a uniform shape with a gradual transition and establishing dimensional uniformity at the exit vane's tips. Our grinding method has also given us the ability to remove all contaminants and scales that have been formed after the cast operations.

impeller polished impeller polished

Impeller Polishing

To improve impeller efficiency and performance, polishing is a must for higher flow rates and energy savings. We smooth out all surface faults, imperfections, or unsatisfactory breaks on the impeller vanes.

We use the best materials ideal for polishing impellers of all materials. Production commences with a hard grit abrasive for stock removal, followed by a medium grit abrasive for blending defects, and finally a fine abrasive for a flawless surface. Our staff is focused on quality craftsmanship in:
1. Heavy removal & leveling
2. Defects removal & smoothing
3. Flawless & brilliant finish

closed impellers, semi-closed impellers, and open impellers with different vane count closed impellers, semi-closed impellers, and double suction impellers pumps with different vane designs

Impeller Types

Our mission is to provide service to many types of impellers. Over the years we've seen impellers for many different applications and of many different types roll through.

No impeller is alien to us. We provided service to the most intricate to the most simple impellers ranging in various sizes and dimensions, uses, and industries. Some include open impellers, semi-open impellers to closed impellers, single or double suction impellers. We've also provided service to impellers with backward or forward curved blades or in a radial blade design.

impeller pump industry impeller pump industry

Impeller Pump Industries

Your company demands the best, and so do we. If quality and precision impellers are your business, feel confident to reach out to us for service.

We are glad to hold a personal reputation by name with leading companies for fine craftsmanship, accuracy, and capability. Our filing and polishing services contribute to many global impeller dynamic centrifugal pump systems. This includes industries such as:
Water & waste
Public Utilities
& many other pump industries.